Seizures and The Long-term Effects


Seizures are abnormal electrical spurs from nerves in the brain that control physical actions, mental reactions, feelings, and certain operations of the major organs.

All forms of attack can be frightening and disturbing. Safety is a major concern of these attacks and security measures should be imposed. It is also essential to think about the long-term effects might be caused by the attacks on the welfare and lifestyle of a person.

Mostly seizures are treated with drugs and, sometimes, can be stabilized by means of brain surgery. Again and again, it’s a draw, if the remedies or cramps even cause some of the long-term effects of a person’s brain and general health.

There is no evidence that one of the most common types of seizures in children called febrile seizures cause brain damage. Extensive research found that children who experienced febrile seizures have the same common educational achievement and complete as well in academic studies as their siblings who do not have seizures. Also a good number of children fully recover after the infrequent cases of prolonged epileptic seizures, which in particular can last more than one hour.

A study done at the University of Maryland Medical Center stated that the patients who are able to control their seizures with medications tend to have a relapse in the long term. In addition, patients have additional risk of injury from attack than it is to acquire long-term psychological consequences.

Survival rates of patients who can control their seizures with medication or surgery is higher, on the whole than those who are unable to control them. This is somewhat because of the devastating impact of accidents and sometimes, suicide. Fortunately, the risk of sudden death is quite low.

The long-term effects that some patients did not experience may differ because different underlying source of the attack itself. A study confirms that the younger a person is when the attack begins, the greater the brain region affected and the inferior the outcomes.

And as intractable seizures, greater effects on intelligence. Moreover, children are more likely to behave and have behavior problems, educational difficulties and speech problems as a result of specific epileptic seizures.

A third of adults with seizure disorders, have various forms of depression. As a result they are more likely to commit suicide. This may be associated with other psychiatric problems and drug and alcohol abuse. Adding up to these threats is that a number of seizure protection treatments can have side effects of suicidal thoughts and actions. It is also to be noted that seizure medication is known to cause osteoporosis and changes in weight.

In the study from the same institution also said that childhood epilepsy may have an effect on hormonal disorders in puberty and adults who experience seizures may have different sexual problems and dysfunctions. In 1998, a study had showed a 33% lower fertility rate in women with seizures. But it is still uncertain whether it is demonstration of seizures that cause this or the anti-seizure treatments.

On the other hand, the majority of patients become free of seizures after two years of taking medications go on to live a fit and good life. Unfortunately, patients who are unable to control their seizures, have the possibility of developing intractable epilepsy, which is much harder to manage and heal.

General seizure that lasts only a short period has no significant long-term consequences. Twenty minutes is considered as a cutoff point and half hours status presents a higher incidence of problems. More often than not, seizures, there that are rare and instantaneous will not cause any long-term effects. 

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2 Responses to Seizures and The Long-term Effects

  1. Sheri says:

    As an epileptic, a couple of things. Almost 2/3 of epileptics on medication do not respond to their medication 100% of the time. Meaning, seizures break through commonly.
    Also, to make people more aware–as many people die from seizures or seizure related accidents than do from breast cancer every year.
    Please do not overlook these things and act as if there is a low risk for terrible accidents…3 car accidents and a near drowning for me. Somehow I am still in one piece, just have lousy memory. 🙂

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